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Common Symptoms Which Can Be Spotted During a Dental Examination

Dental Cleaning And Exams in Calgary AB Area

Regularly seeing your dentist for routine examinations and dental cleanings goes a long way toward ensuring good oral health. When you visit Dr. Palka at Lake Chaparral Dental Care in Calgary, Alberta, you will benefit from much more than just a cleaning, polishing, and flossing. A thorough dental examination will be performed, allowing our team to detect any red flags which indicate necessary dental treatment. Here are a few things Dr. Palka will look for during an oral examination.

Dental Decay

One of the most common issues found during an examination is tooth decay. A cavity may appear as a brown or discoloured spot on your tooth’s surface or be very small and tucked away between teeth. These visually elusive cavities can be detected via dental X-rays. When decay is spotted, it will be removed, the tooth will be cleaned, and a dental filling will be put in place.

Gum Disease

When allowed to progress, untreated gum disease can lead to serious dental complications, including tooth loss. When Dr. Palka performs an oral examination, signs of gum disease will be monitored. Early gum disease, or gingivitis, can present itself through tender or bleeding gums. More advanced periodontal disease may lead to recessed gums or large pockets at the base of the teeth. For early gum disease, treatment may just be recommendations for better at-home oral hygiene, while more advanced stages of gum disease may require more invasive treatment.

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Oral Cancer Screening

One part of your oral examination will be an oral cancer screening. Dr. Palka will examine your entire oral cavity – including the lips, tongue, and cheeks – for any noticeable lumps or lesions. Oral cancer can present itself via white patches in the mouth, small lumps, or sores which do not heal. While other conditions could cause these symptoms, it is crucial for our team to be able to review any changes in your mouth to find underlying causes for these symptoms.

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Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma, a graduate from the University of Alberta Neuroscience program, received Dental training at University of Alberta in Edmonton and went on to complete a two-year residency at Albert Einstein Medical Centre in Philadelphia, PA (United States). While at Albert Einstein Medical Centre she served as chief resident for a year. In this prestigious program, she took additional training in implantology, oral surgery, cosmetic services, and general dentistry.

Dr. Jay's passion for dentistry began in middle school when she selected the topic "teeth whitening agents" for a science fair competition. She considered dentists as artists who could improve smiles, increase confidence, and create beneficial changes in people's lives from an early age.

Dr. Jay pursued her passion of becoming a dentist in Gold Coast, Australia, where she earned a Master of Dentistry degree from Griffith University. Her enthusiasm for dentistry and sympathetic attitude drives her to make your dental visit as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

She enjoys educating patients about the significance of oral health and is dedicated to expanding her knowledge of the most recent dental innovations to provide outstanding care to her patients. Dr. Jay finds it tremendously satisfying to alleviate dental anxiety while ensuring your trust is always in excellent hands.

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