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Root canal treatment in Calgary, AB can help you keep your own tooth

Common fears about root canal treatment are largely unfounded. Calgary, AB general dentist, Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma may suggest this technique to help you keep a natural tooth, as an alternative to extraction.

Understanding root canal treatment in Calgary, AB

The center of a tooth contains a pulp chamber filled with vascular and nerve tissues. Tiny channels extend the reach of blood flow and nerves into the roots of the tooth. Thus, the tooth is a vital, living entity capable of sensing bite pressure and temperature.

Sometimes untreated decay, a break, or fracture allows oral bacteria to reach the pulp chamber. Infection builds, and nerves become inflamed. Trauma to the face, repeated dental work on a tooth, or bruxing (clenching and grinding during sleep) may also trigger nerve damage. The problem could present suddenly as an abscess with acute pain and facial swelling or build gradually as an intermittent toothache with tenderness when you chew.

As a patient, a root canal procedure is similar to getting a filling. The appointment just takes a little longer. Root canal therapy removes the source of pain and leaves the tooth intact:

  • Your mouth is thoroughly numbed with local anesthetic.
  • The pulp chamber is opened, relieving pressure from infection.
  • The doctor removes decayed or damaged tooth structure.
  • Infected tissue is removed from the tooth.
  • Canals are sanitized.

Root Canal Video

  • The tooth is sealed and protected with an interim restoration.
  • You return in a few weeks to have a porcelain crown placed and/or the permanent filling completed. Since tooth structure can become brittle without blood flow, the crown provides additional strength.

Most root canals are uneventful

Depending on the severity of your case, the doctor may prescribe a follow-up course of oral antibiotics or pain medication. Yet most patients recover quickly, returning to normal activities without eating restrictions, the next day. Any residual discomfort is usually manageable with over the counter analgesics. With good oral hygiene and regular professional dental care, the long-term success rate for a root canaled tooth is high.

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Patient Reviews

"She was amazing at what she does. We went there for procedures for two of my family members. Both of them had only good things to say about Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma and her wonderful staff. We are happy and relieved we found her in our city."