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Smiles in Calgary, AB gleam with teeth whitening

Have you noticed that, while many people have attractive smiles, others really stand out? The difference is often professional teeth whitening. The hygiene team at Lake Chaparral Dental Care in Calgary, AB provides the system and oversight that leads to brilliant smiles.

How teeth whitening works

Tooth enamel looks smooth, but under magnification you can see it is covered with tubules. These tiny channels extend through enamel into the yellowish dentin substructure. Most stains occur when pigments from dark colored foods and beverages or tobacco become embedded in tubules.

Meanwhile, enamel gets thinner as we age. This allows dentin to show through, giving the smile a yellowish hue. In addition, certain medications may cause deep discoloration that cannot be brushed away.

Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma recommends at-home whitening with custom-fit application trays and a prescription-strength bleaching agent. She takes impressions of your mouth to create trays that fit comfortably and are snug enough to stay in place. You also receive a supply of whitening gel.

Treatment is easy:

  • Brush and floss.
  • Fill the trays with gel, insert them over the upper and lower arches, and wait about an hour. You may perform many normal activities while whitening, but please do not eat or drink.
  • Some people prefer to whiten while they sleep, which is safe.
  • Remove the trays, brush teeth lightly, and rinse with plain water.
  • Rinse the whitening trays.
  • Repeat daily until your teeth are as white as you desire.

Teeth Whitening Video

The doctor works with you in designing a treatment plan to achieve the results you desire, with little or no discomfort. If your teeth are prone to sensitivity, your application schedule can be adjusted, or a buffering ingredient added to the gel.

How Calgary, AB patients maintain teeth whitening results

  • Make good daily oral hygiene a habit.
  • Use the whitening kit periodically at home.

Your whiter smile awaits. Call (403) 768-2271 to book an appointment.

Patient Reviews

"She was amazing at what she does. We went there for procedures for two of my family members. Both of them had only good things to say about Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma and her wonderful staff. We are happy and relieved we found her in our city."