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Restore your smile with bridges in Calgary, AB

Dr. Palka Sawhney Sharma offers dental bridges to improve your smile and speech. Check out this solution for gaps caused by missing teeth at Lake Chaparral Dental Care.

Types of bridges 

• Traditional one-tooth bridges 

That have artificial teeth called pontics with crowns on each side. They may be made of ceramics or have metal sub-structures and are not removable.

• Implant-retained bridges 

Can replace three to five missing teeth in a row. Two dental implants support the anchor crowns, with pontics in between.

• Traditional bridges with several pontics 

that may replace a span of missing teeth: These are not common now.

Benefits of bridges

Eating and speaking are easier.

Improved smile and confidence

Prevent remaining teeth from becoming crooked

Maintaining dental hygiene becomes easier. 

Long-lasting, natural-looking results

Good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings are essential for patients with bridges. Proper brushing and flossing techniques will keep your restorations and natural teeth healthy.

Maintaining oral health when you have bridges

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